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April 21, 2007


William Burns

Jimmy Carter's is the most inept and calamitous Democratic administration of modern times? Has Gerecht ever heard of the Vietnam war?


I refuse to read the weekly (non)standard, so I guess I missed the reference to Jimmy Carter somewhere - and its relevance to the Iraq surge.

Yes, the Iraq surge could succeed, with about the probability of George W. Bush giving a speech at the Democratic National Convention that admits he fucked up on Iraq.

Next week we will hear from the usual suspects on how good an idea it is to build walls through the middle of contesting groups (especially in huge cities).


I have a couple more (more crass) thoughts about the implications of conservative logic that I look forward to blogging about next time I read another piece of Gerechtian issue-avoidance like this.

William Burns

Jim, the Jimmy Carter reference comes from where Gerecht slams Zbigniew Brzezinski--Brzezinski was Carter's National Security Advisor.

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