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June 28, 2007



Unless one of the debaters clearly wipes the floor with the others (which hasn't happened yet in the Dem debates), polls on performance - winning - seem to reflect the current preferences of the poll responders, and their hopes.

I watched, and didn't learn much. One minute, and later 30 seconds, to respond just doesn't provide real differentiation among the leaders. There are far too many candidates, and through an attempt by Travis at breadth rather than depth, far too many questions were asked to be a test of positions and depth of understanding by the candidates.

So, we get horse race outcomes from something that can only be judged as a horse race - and a rather short course at that. None of the horses even got lathered up.

This was a largely black American audience and that's how the candidates responded. If I were some other minority - Asian, Latino or whatever, I would have felt left out, and likely disinterested.

Interestingly though, all the candidates seem to be moving left as the debates proceed, and positions are firmer away from centrist DLC-like responses.

Clearly another format is needed, but I haven't a clue on what it should be, except perhaps one or two issues per debate to get more depth and detail.


Oh, and Bill Richardson really sucks - he's less interesting (except on Iraq) than the other also-rans. Totally miscast as a candidate for President.

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