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June 06, 2007



Somebody wealthy needs to set up a DC news operation called "The Washington Lies". There's more than enough examples daily to provide ample content. Or maybe Media Matters just needs some pumping up and lots of pizazz. Motto: All the lies fit to print.

It looks like the GOP has a new pillar for their worldview: All lies, all the time.

It is just amazing how little political value they see in telling factual truth.


politicians lie all the time, of course, but they usually do it in a manner which provides plausible deniability; or better yet, they do it so they just won't get caught. This statement is... yes, unbelievable. So I vote for Martian. A stupid Martian.

Matt Stoller

Carbon emissions dropped by 1.5% in the US this year. That's the data point he's using.


Yeah, I think the number was 1.3 percent. There's a blog item at Grist which explains why this is bullshit now just because there's more than one data point to look at, but because in context even the one data point doesn't speak well for us.

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