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June 15, 2007



Sticks and stones can break my bones!

Other Ed

I think Kristol is deathly afraid that someday he might actually be held responsible for this fiasco.

What am I saying? Of course no one in Washington is ever responsible for their actions. How stupid of me to think that could somehow happen.



do i detect a contest in the works? like yhe one proposed for mitt romney?

Joe Bisio

"and why they are attempting to convince us that we have lost when it is they who are losing."

The obvious view of an ideological moron who understands exactly zero about post-modern civil wars.

Its well-known that civil wars like the one ongoing in Iraq last often a decade or more. Kristol is at best is conflating a few successes in Al Anbar and elsewhere with some idea that the US is on the verge of victory (whatever that means) in Iraq. At worst (and usually Kristol is at his worst) its just another neo-con hack engaged in the trademark mode of self-delusion they have engaged in for years on Iraq and the Iraq War.

Kristol, of course, like many neo-con fools, fails to realize that Al Qaeda(AQ) is only one of many of our opponents on the ground in Iraq---he seems to totally ignore the basic sectarian nature of war and just like many other Republo/Bush supporters pushes the idea of AQ as the main (or almost the only) enemy within Iraq. The idea that maybe our troops have been handed a mission impossible by their political masters is obviously beyond his ken.


I've found that it is impossible to understand Kristol as someone who believes what he says. The only consistent explanation of his words and actions is that they are intended to produce a particular result, namely a state of perpetual low-level warfare sufficient to distract the rubes from their real problems while the military industrial complex laughs all the way to the bank. Kristol doesn't care about winning the War on Terror - the very existence of the WoT (and its widespread acceptance as a legitimate war) *is* the victory condition. Defeating Al Qaeda (and "Islamofascism") is a total defeat for the Neocons unless they can be replaced by a new enemy. Chaos in the Middle East *is* victory for Kristol and the PNAC All-Stars.

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