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July 18, 2007



aww, shucks



All Senate committee have only a one-vote majority. The partisan division on Armed Services is 13-12. Included within the 13, not only do you have Joe Lieberman, you also have Ben Nelson.

Given this reality, how pray tell do you believe that Chairman Levin could have accomplished the miracle of including his language within the bill as approved by committee?


by changing the committee assignments if needed?....



lets keep in mind that the possibility of "a real constitutional crisis" has never kept bush from doing what he wants in the past...


Jim's right here.

I think the way Democrats are playing things now, they'd rip their party apart by trying something so bold. But the point is, they could really have made (and could still make) Iraq 100 times the big deal it is today. If from day one it had been all "end Iraq" all the time, and politeness be damned if it means having Lieberman and Nelson on Armed Services, then the support would probably would have been there.

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