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July 16, 2007



Mosquitos are attracted to sources of carbon dioxide (from the breath).


inhale only, don't exhale.

also, don't go out in the late afternoon or early evening (feeding time in mosquitoville).

and, mosquitos in the house concentrate in the evening on the ceilings (looking for warmth as the air grows cooler). Uplight the ceilings, use rolled up newspapers to spread your blood around when you squish the suckers on the ceiling - fly swatters also work, but less effectively - and conduct hunting parties.

Further: if all else fails, hang netting over your bed. Humans are prey when asleep and they can take a long drink (while injecting you with nice doses of whatever bad bugs they've picked up).

Randy Paul

Also, a good fan is your best friend. I was in Belize about 15 years ago, near the border with Guatemala. I as being eaten alive until I decided to turn the fan up to the speed equivalent to about a propwash and was left alone.

Try some citronella wristbands.


Try "skin-so-soft by Avon. Not as toxic as DEET. May not be as effective, either. But it leaves your skin, well... soft.


Thanks guys. I'll try all this stuff. But in the meantime, I'm basically trying to convince myself that the silver-dollar sized welts I'm getting are the result of my immune system's strong response to mosquito anticoagulant--so while I may be itchy and miserable now, it's evidence that I'll outlive you all!

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