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July 31, 2007



Well, the 'realists' (Rice/Gates) will be coming home from the meeting with the arab 'moderates' in Sharm El-Sheik, Egypt, yesterday and today. What did they obtain?

But at a press conference with her Egyptian host, Rice pointed to no fresh commitments from the Arabs. A statement issued following a nine-nation meeting promised only "to continue to support Iraq and expand their financial and political support," and restated a general commitment to blocking would-be terrorists and financing that supports them from entering Iraq.
Unity against Iran is not a hard sell. But Washington has had far less success in rallying Arab help for Iraq that goes much beyond words.

Arab money and diplomatic support has lagged behind Europe's, and some of Iraq's neighbors quietly tolerate, or may secretly support, attacks inside Iraq. Some of the violence targets U.S. forces and some of it Shiite militias and neighborhoods.

Cheney will be whispering in Bush's ear that Rice is getting nowhere (which seems to be true, even in the Palestine/Israel matter), and that the islamic nations only respond to US will and power. He's not out of the fight yet, by any means.

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