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April 06, 2007


Tyrone Slothrop

She was just asking questions, wasn't she? Don't you think she's grateful to get answers?

verplanck colvin

You'll have a field day if you focus on that Planet Gore blog. I've never seen so much dishonest ignorance of science, statistics and word-parsing. Nearly every one of those "gotchas" is displayed. The graph's scale is exaggerated! There are no error bars on the graph!

They really do think they're that clever, don't they?

Brian S.

Might also be worth noting that accuracy to even a single degree doesn't matter, so long as there's no bias in the inaccuracy. Over thousands of readings, random errors will cancel out.

Yes, Planet Gore is ridiculous. K-Lo isn't actually as bad as some of the others there, though, and will occasionally publish corrections.


K-Lo would be shocked to hear that it was the heathens who created zero as a place holder and the decimal number system.

But then what do you expect from a person who works for a publication that for decades rued (and perhaps still does) the Supreme Court's decision in 'Heart of Atlanta Motel vs US'


OK, I'll bite (or maybe that's the wrong verb)... What is "Heart of Atlanta Motel vs U.S.?" And do they have hourly rates?


dishonest ignorance? As opposed to...?

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