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April 15, 2007



Did you make it to the Super Classico?

Looks like a fun time to be in Buenos Aires.


I vividly recall a phrase from much earlier in my life, when these folks say that they are just saying what "(fill in your minority of choice) guys say to each other.

Within minority groups it has been the case that a black can refer to a black with the 'n' word, and gays can refer to a gay with the 'fag' or fagot' word, BUT that is WITHIN the group only. (Similarly for italians, females, jews, etc.) It's fighting words to have these words used by outsiders to slur or demean or threaten a minority - and I can't understand why grown white men like Tim Russert or Tom Oliphant can't understand this. These are not words for public discourse by white men (or other privileged outsiders) - under any circumstances.

The phrase I recall says it well (said by a african-american, but applicable to all minorities):

"If you are going to call me a n-word, you'd better be black, my friend, and you'd better be smiling".

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