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April 21, 2007



MoDo has been using the same unfair, unfounded and frivolous standards and tactics for a decade on everyone even remotely connected with the Republican party. Her shallow, overblown and frivolous columns, week after week, have been so similar to this one that except for the fact that she mentions a Democrat by name you could identify the author blind.

Why does it surprise you then that she turns her absurd and pointless polemics on another kind of political opponent: someone who's running against her galpal Hillary CLinton?

Have you not read her stuff before? Or is it likely that when Dick Cheney is the subject of the same kind of superficial, snide, high-school-snotty venom from her that you don't mind so much?

Finally, let's be a little honest here: you can jump on Coulter all you like, feel free, but her point was that Edwards is a vain, preening little pretty boy. calling his professionally funded, vetted and homogenized positons "substantive" is simply laughable. The man has no convictions whatsoever except a) to live a life of luxury and b) take any position on any issue that he feels will help him live int eh White House for four years.

And for the record, while I have nothing but contempt for Dowd, there is a kernal of truth in her absurd prattlings on the subject of John Edwards: any politican with common sense would lowball some of this stuff. He apparently thinks he can run around the country crying alligator tears about "two Americas" and then scuttle home to a level of personal luxury that a very elite few ever know and expect nobody to comment on it.

Instead of saying "Clinton got expensive haircuts too, so what" you should be saying "Clinton got an expensive haircut that turned into an embarassment and he learned a lesson from it. Why didn't Edwards learn the same lesson?"

To wit: go ahead and pay whateer you want for a haircut, just do it so that nobody else hears about it.

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