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June 10, 2007



hummm. a crunchy-con. ...a strike into... over the border into Iran, where we have good evidence that they have a base...

Just a minor strike, you know. No worries about retaliation. And we have good evidence too (but the general on the ground says we don't). Joe got his evidence in the chow line at the Green Zone cafeteria, where he overheard somebody saying that a friend of his was saying that a friend of a friend heard that from his NCO.

The whole lineup on the cable teevee today would make you think that the Repub/Conserv. had majority control of the Congress with 80% approval, and Bush was running 75% approval.

Interesting question: has Joementum actually contact with reality, or can he be that cynical with the lives of American forces in Iraq?


damn, forgot the closing tag (yet again).




I've begun to think that this has become deeply personal for Lieberman - that every opportunity to get media attention becomes an irresistible opportunity to deliver a smash in the face to the faithless liberals who dared to think that free elections meant they were free to challenge him in a primary.

I hope those constituents in Conn who supported him and assured the rest of us that Joe was indeed a true liberal, and in addition, had been a critic of Bush's Middle Eastern policies, are paying attention.

BTW, my blogmate, MJS, had his own take on what to do to slow down Joementum, or at least to harness it; might amuse you.

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