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June 20, 2007



Here's a not-serious proposal for Andrew and like-thinkers:

Circumcision is not required, but if the individual is found to be HIV positive at any time, then the penis (not just the foreskin) is lopped off.

HIV transmission is not just a matter of of a person's pleasure, but the potential loss of life for their partners. They also have a stake (at least some not-proven to matter in sexual satisfaction bit of skin) in the outcome.

Andrew is very selfish, and this illustrates the syndrome.


The studies regarding HIV transmission are not "new". Also, I do not know any circumcised males who complain that sex is not pleasurable enough. If A.S. does, then maybe it's about HIM!


What does he think about female genital mutilation? No opininon, I would imagine.


You're right to acknowledge that we should question circumcision beyond the obvious "it's accepted, so it's good" non-thinking. But to assume that the study you linked and anecdotal evidence demonstrates that it doesn't "amount to destruction of male 'sexual pleasure zones'" isn't compelling. It's simply not possible to deny that circumcision destroys male sexual pleasure zones. It removes much of the foreskin, which is packed with erogenous nerve endings.

What's at stake is how to value that destruction. I don't have the answer, although the clear evidence that intact adult men almost never choose (or need) circumcision indicates that whatever the foreskin contains must be acceptable to them. The value of that change in sexual sensation is subjective. But the male himself is the only person qualified to judge how to value that subjective benefit. Males clearly lose this choice when circumcised as infants.

For what it's worth, Circs.org has a heavily pro-infant circumcision bias. What they present and don't present is influenced by that, so a linked study only carries so much weight.

P.S. Mr. Sullivan is consistent with regard to genital mutilation, unlike too many people. He's spoken out against FGM repeatedly.

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