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June 20, 2007



I just made a post on whether the elected president would get assasinated..who do you think would be killed..Obama or Clinton?


I think you've hit on my discomfort with Obama, Brian.

It is a bit too close to buying a Bush in a poke who squeals 'compassionate conservativism'.

I guess I really don't expect Obama to be anything less than a liberals liberal on some substantial list of issues/proposals of interest to progressives, but I am concerned that he won't be a force for initiating substantial change. More likely, small bore proposals as in Bill Clinton's second term, or what Hillary would likely do. I hope that Obama is more than Hillary plus Hope, but so far I don't see it.

Neil the Ethical Werewolf

I have absolutely no idea what Obama's mechanism for transforming American politics is supposed to be.


My thoughts in one sentence, Neil.

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