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July 06, 2007



I've several times thought that Michael Ledeen reminded me of someone, and so your post cemented the connection finally: Hannibal Lector (in the movie adaptation). I can easily picture Ledeen dipping his spoon into roasted Moslem brain and saying "mmmm, lovely".

Psychotic Irony: the nazis said the same thing about the Jews.

Ledeen needs the padded cell given the criminally insane.


The people who lied us into this war will continue to lie. Period. You wouldn't trust somebody who ripped you off for a hundred bucks; these guys are infinitely worse.


I have no doubt of the viciousness and disregard for human life of al Qaeda. I do have some questions about the accuracy of the story, especially since I've seen no corroboration anywhere other than incessant repeating of the Yon story everywhere on the Internet.

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