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July 27, 2007



I sure wish there was some wiki-like place where a comprehensive list of Bush/Cheney actions that are bona-fide impeachable actions were being maintained.

This latest India deal by Bush belongs under the topic of violations of the oath that the President take care that the laws be faithfully executed.

Independent of the blatant discrepancy between how Bush wants to treat India versus Iran on the issue of nuclear capabilities - which is flat-out disgraceful in its raw violation of the NPT and international law that makes all countries equal as sovereigns, helping to build up India's nuclear capacity when a very volatile Pakistan is India's arch enemy, and while we seek to have Pakistan help control the Taliban and al Queda is just amateur hour for nuclear warmakers.

One wonders how China and Russia are internally discussing what to do about Bush's bull-charge through the nuclear china shop. Do we really want to cement Pakistan's ties to China? And Russia's ties to Iran?

Bottom line question: Is Bush/Cheney attempting to restart the nuclear cold war again with not just the previous opponents but also with a bunch of surrogate powers who also hold nuclear capabilties? Are they really nuts?

Duck and cover!

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