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July 30, 2007



Yes, the Bush insiders are fully capable of doing an Iran attack of some kind using any number of reasons for doing so (probably the same list as in Iraq, with added entries for Iran-Hezbolah, Iran-Hamas, Iran-Iraqi insurgents, etc.)

Remember Wolfowitz referred to a list of justifications for the preventive Iraq invasion, and saying that WMD was the only one everyone could agree upon, so they chose that one.

- Saudi unrest about a rival
- Israeli hysteria about Iran in general
- Cheney's drive for US control of resources
- Bush's drive to prove himself the savior of good over evil
- Rove's need to rescue the GOP in 08
- Bush/Cheney need to subsume failure in Iraq by a wider war
- Prove that a President can go to war without Congress and without any UN authorization

Take your pick of the juicyist ones.

I agree with your take on the danger and I'm concerned that the progressive left and Dem. candidates aren't making this politically more difficult for Bush to pull off as a surprise before he leaves.

My fear isn't fully rational, because the war/peace equation on Iran doesn't balance. But that has not been a holdback for this crew in the Bush administration.

My favorite anecdote on how insane this whole situation is: Bush, recently, talking with close political supporters and ranting/pounding his chest and saying over and over: I am the President. That isn't rational either. Be he's the President and we'd better believe it.

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