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July 31, 2007



You've handled corrections and amendments far better than most (essentially all of the conservative bloggers/journalists) on this issue.

I think it worth pointing out that it seems like many of those pointing out that Down Syndrome can be managed in most cases, appear to be relatively well off economically.

For a single mother working for minimum/minimal wages, the necessary care of the child would be impossible, and public support nearly non-existent. Similarly for couples where both work and both are low wage earners.

For them the choices are much much darker, and the prospects for a healthy and humane upbringing for the child are truly troublesome to comprehend. Being raised in a low income two-worker or single worker/single parent family is an economic and social obstacle in itself, and the disorder multiplies the problems.

Surely it can't be honestly said that the parent(s) is making a bad choice under these circumstances if they choose abortion, and it ridiculous to suggest the parents are acting out of selfishness or some twisted philosophy of eugenics.

Willie W

The bar has been lowered so much for elected officials, and the care provided for Downs Syndrome has improved so significatly that one wonders: Might we some day have a president with Downs Syndrome? Or do we?

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