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July 27, 2007



Wow. "Top Story" at MoJo and front page at Am. Prospect! Nice nice nice.

For the life of me I can't understand what Gonzales was trying to do with the 'not TSP, some other program' line he was trying to sell. You can't lie when there are multiple witnesses from the not-Bush-loyalist world and expect not to be challenged - particularly if Gonzo was trying to imply/reveal that there was yet another program that wasn't authorized by Congress.

Something is still very rotten here, and the reporter who gets into this deeply enough to find why Gonzo did this will have a major scoop. In effect, Gonzo was saying that there was another program so important to BushCo that they felt they had to overrule Comey by getting to Ashcroft even on his sickbed. Why would BushCo want to reveal this possible program instead of just accepting that TSP was modified by Bush at the last minute by Comey and Mueller's opposition while they went around Gonzo and Card?

And why was Mueller the one that had the direct conversation with Bush, with Comey waiting outside? This is just bizarre.


I have NO idea what was going through his head. I imagine he thinks he'll be able to construe *parts* of the TSP as "different intelligence activities", but I don't think that'll wash. Any bets on pardon dates?


I have a feeling that he'll combined 'different programs' with refusal to reveal just what and how many there are.

However, it's clear by now that (a) he's a poor liar and (b) he doesn't have to be a good one - Bush backs him. Until the Democrats grow some balls.

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