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July 27, 2007



Spackerman and Kiel at TPM Muckraker (and the excellent but varying comments) get into this in detail. Any one of the many speculations could be plausible.

After reading everything, I'm thinking this a much bigger thing than just Gonzo trying to pull off a specious defense before the Senate Judiciary Committee (amid my wonder earlier why he would do this). This is some serious shit.

The Project X versus TSP distinction that is made at the link is a helpful framework for thinking about how much broader the program could have been (and maybe still is). There is no assurance that what Bush described (and many of the BushCo folks seems to be referring to that 'description') is actually is what is functioning - without approval from the FISA Court, the Gang of 8, or the law.

They well may be doing spying on US folks in a very broad manner (like the Poindexter TIA program) with no one on the 'outside' knowing it. So what the gang of 8 knows may not be the whole story, and BushCo is doing a set-up to say no one CAN know - hence they can't prosecute anyone for the coverup - national security becomes the hidey-hole for anything.

Anonymous Liberal


Here's my take. I've looked through the rest of Gonzales February 2006 testimony, and I think even his highly-technical defense doesn't hold up. I think he tried to get way too cute and ended up demonstrably lying.

ike turner

Gonzo, 'you got mo scuses dan a nigah bein' led off to jail'... and I hope some day you will be.

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