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July 17, 2007



I'm not sure who your "urban New York friends" are - or whether they hail from Rochester or Timmy's own Buffalo,but I hope that they could explain to you how the New York State Constitution gives certain powers to the State Legislature. Our State government is often characterized as the most dysfunctional in the nation. That is notas true as in New York City. On a per capital basis the five boroughs that make up N.Y.C have a far, far better environmental record than CA can dare to dream of.


Yeah, Beutler, if you want to crow triumphantly over New York City, at least pick something that New York City failed to do, not Albany. Or don't you understand that there's a New York State as well?

A truly insipid post.


Before any of the (for the most part) New York-based commenters out there get too upset, please note, this is all very muchtongue in cheek.

seth edenbaum

42% of the people in NYC do not own cars jackass.

Mike M.

To be fair, one of the issues here isn't congestion pricing as a concept... it's that the enforcement of it would involve hundreds of cameras placed around the city, in order to monitor people and administer fines. I'm a NYC resident and I see the value of the congestion pricing idea, but I also think that those cameras are a legitimate civil liberties threat. For one thing, it's asking too much of people to have to answer in court for what a mindless camera sees. But I also wonder, once those cameeras are in place, whether or not they'll be used for other, non-traffic espionage.

Blah Blah Blah

I see. You couldn't hack it in the big city. Go drown your sorrys at the Fudruckers early bird special or something.


That's a good point Mike. Also, Fudruckers is a burger joint and a shit one at that. They have them in New York, too, Blah. Don't kid yourself.


I live in NYC. I was psyched about this going through.

I hope you enjoy laughing at us while we get kicked in the guts.

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