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July 05, 2007


david mizner

A complex issue, worthy of a book. Who started it? The GOP, of course. As it screwed the working class with their policies, it needed a way to maintain their support. Cultural issues were one part of this effort, the other was a faux cultural populism in which Republicans were ordinary tough guys (and gals) and Dems were metrosexual softies. The efforted was aided by the GOP's policies themselves, which took jobs from the working class and emasculated them, thus making them more likely to want a "man's man" to lead them, and by the Dems, who surrendered in the class war while nominating elites who seemed like elites--Dukakis, Gore, Kerry--and by the emergence of a professional pundit class, who, unlike previous generations of journalists, hadn't had many real-life experiences, much less gone to war, and were thus susceptible to the GOP's fetishization of machismo--an inferiority complex most palpable in the person of Chris Matthews, a man from the culterally conservative Cathlic lower middle-class who didn't go to Vietnam and will always harbor a hard on for those who and for those who seemed like they could have.


Does eating a bug count as manly? 'Cause I'd vote for you.

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