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July 27, 2007



How old was Michael Gerson when he first had intercourse? How old was his partner? Was the act consummated behind some church, or in a Ford?

low-tech cyclist

My problem with him isn't so much that he's an evangelical. Rather, it's the small matter that he's both a verified apparatchick and an architect of a truly immense national disaster.

And for an evangelical, there's nothing inconsistent about that. "WWJD?", which I regard as a good question to ask in discerning the morality of a course of action, applies in the evangelical mind only to personal conduct, and not to policy issues such as going to war, or making sure kids get health care.

You know how evangelical morality would apply to young Iraqi girls? It bothers evangelicals less if they get deflowered by a car bomb than by a man.


I think that point's basically correct. It's just sort of egregious that WaPo gives it a pass.

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