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July 30, 2007



Hey, I think you've hit upon an argument format that our President just might be able to grasp.


Yes, much too easy, Brian. They don't need pre-release movie trailers on this one.

Any old provocation, manufactured or real, will do. In August 1964 you were probably not even a special glimmer in your mom and dad's eyes, but LBJ got a war resolution from Congress without anything more than an accusation for proof. After a supposed attack on a US destroyed on 8/2, and After fewer than nine hours of committee consideration and floor debate on 8/7, we were at war.

Neil the Ethical Werewolf

I like the poem at the end, and if it were still the weekend, I'd put it up on the Ezra blog.

One of the things that impressed me in the Ezra post, though, was the stuff about Cheney losing power and Rice gaining power. Do you not see that happening?

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