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July 30, 2007



Two other cosiderations:
Bush's religious fanaticism and his admission that he takes instructions from God. And...

Whatever the effects on the U.S. economy, they'd probably be favorable on Haliburton.


Cronyism for sure should be a consideration.


I'm a worrier, like you. I commented at length with some links but TypePad ate my comment, and I'm too AM lazy to reconstruct it.

Essence: nearly all the Rovian domestic political tactics and Cheney/Bush international world-views lean in the direction of Bush/Cheney doing something militarily against Iran before the 08 elections.

Will the slender reed of Gates/Rice objections and danger to US Iraqi forces in the event of an attack on Iran be enough to frustrate their normal and expected approach? I don't think so, but I sure hope so.

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