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July 27, 2007



two words: election 2008.

The Dems are not going to bring impeachment actions on either Bush or Cheney (or both) if they can't win a vote in the Senate of 2/3rds majority.

It would take yet another major outrageous act of presidential authoritarianism (beyond forbidding a criminal contempt proceeding by the DoJ) to get anywhere near 2/3rds in the Senate.

It could be argued that just initiating an impeachment in the House (only 50% needed to pass impeachment by the full House), might be cleansing to the Republic, but unless a big majority of voters (>70%) were supportive in polls there is too much electoral risk. The Clinton impeachment failed to gain support of the public, and it made the Repubs look foolishly partisan. Dems won't repeat that.


I almost wrote that Dems should try inherent contempt first and get turned away at the White House. I think the image of Bush turning away agents of law enforcement might cinch it. But a lot of what happens really scares me, and I think once the Jeffrey Taylor refuses to hear the case, then we can't waste any more time.

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