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July 10, 2007



Hi Brian, just started reading this morning, after the link from Kevin Drum; this is good stuff. I think you should make mention, though, of the fact that the fact-checking was NOT done accurately in this case, and that honestly Michael Moore almost never gets a fair shake in this dept. The rebuttal he put up on his web site is spot-on, and I'm not surprised. In all the criticism of his "fudging facts" that I've encountered, I've only ever seen two that stuck. First was the accusation that he made it *appear* that he was able to walk out of the bank immediately with a free gun at the beginning of Bowling for Columbine. The second was that his accusation about the Saudi royals being able to fly during the post-9/11 blackout was inaccurate. In both cases, he used some "creative" editing, but the facts ended up being either irrelevant to his point or closer to his representation than the fact checkers'. So as far as fact-checking, I say why in hell is anyone looking at Michael Moore? You could write a dissertation on the "fudging of facts" in the comments of Tony Snow from ONE DAY of press conferences, and it wouldn't even matter which day you chose! Yet somehow Michael Moore is less credible to the media, go figure.


Sure, I agree. It doesn't have to be either/or, though. It can be both/and. Michael Moore comes around once every three years with a movie. I say let it be subjected to fact checking by the media (not to buck up their 'seriousness' bona fides, but for the good of Moore's viewers). But it's odd and mixed-up that--whether the checking is good or bad--that they devote all this time to segments checking Moore and no time checking Snow, Bush, et al.

Jose Chung

But you can't fact-check Michael Moore's work! Didn't you hear him tell Wolfe that everything in his film Fahrenheit 9/11 was proven true? And obviously if everything in Fahrenheit 9/11 was true then everything in Sicko will be proven true--and if you disagree with any of Moore's "facts" you will be branded, as in the case with the good doctor on CNN, a shill for big pharma.



1. Put a sign in the back window of your car that says "UNIVERSAL HEALTH CARE GETS MY VOTE". Make 9 more and pass them out to nine friends and ask them to do the same.

2. On the back of each sign write out this sight: www.eff.org/congress/

Instruct people to send an email to their congress person/senator that tells them that if they vote against universal healthcare, they will lose your vote.

You'd be amazed at how few emails it takes to light a fire under elected officials. It's Washington's most tightly held secret.

Healthcare is one problem the American people can fix with very little effort. Don't let Washington and the lobbyist change the subject or use fear tactics to keep us submissively in line. We can fix this problem!

Jose Chung

No doubt the film Sicko will find a wide viewing audience among the thousands of Cuban Americans who risked drowning and being eaten by sharks in order to reach our shores.

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