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July 27, 2007



Brian: you have an improper closing italics tag in this post and it propagating to other posts below it.

The item, as is:

class="module-list-item">Why TNR

should be:

class="module-list-item">Why TNR


damn, I shouldn't have posted raw html:

here's the item in error, with square brackets substituted for < and >.

Why TNR[/a][/li]

change the [/li] to [/i]


Thanks Jim. You're always a great help.

Warren Terra

Why is this post written in the subjunctive? After all, it's not a hypothetical, it is in fact the case. While the current issue of TNR includes a piece recounting mistreatment of Iraqi civilians based on comments from an American soldier, the current issue of The Nation has as its only article (first time I remember seeing that) a piece by Chris Hedges and Laila Al-Arian on the same subject, based on interviews of American soldiers.

One difference is that the wingers may not expect different of the Nation; they probably think Nation writers all hate the troops, etc. This is, of course, nonsense - although, loyal Nation subscriber though I am, I'd believe about anything said against Alexander Cockburn or Daniel Lazare.

But there is another difference: the Nation article is extremely careful to report methodology and to use named sources. So the particular attack against used to smear the TNR piece - ridiculous though it was - could not be attempted against the Nation article. Maybe the Nation's writers and editors are more familiar with the tactics of the wingers than are those of TNR; certainly they'll have had more firsthand experience weathering them.

I have seen some nasty comments from wingers, mostly about Hedges's anti-war book and about Laila Al-Arian's father. I agree that Sami Al-Arian sounds like a piece of work, but he didn't co-write the piece.

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