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July 20, 2007



That list should be easy to get once the Dems are installed in the WH. Just re-screen every person hired in DC since BushCo took over the territory, starting from the top downward. No agency should be exempt.

Getting rid of the ones hired into the civil service will be a bitch - and that's how far down BushCo has gone. Maybe the only way to deal with them is the mythical Alaskan reassignment.

The US should hire some of the Soviet Union's old purge managers as consultants. Where to put the gulags is a question that needs a couple of six packs of beer to analyze.


Hear, hear.


I think you are talking about political appointees though, right? Otherwise, isnt that what Monica Goodling was doing?


Yes, Jake. Bush corrupted the civil service. It will take some uncorruption through purging (or onerous reassignment).

That's why a constitutional republic should not start down this road. The undoing is almost as bad as the doing.

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