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August 07, 2007



You are as gullible and naive as Barack. Pathetic degenerates like yourself simply don't get the fact that systematic lying as practiced by the Left & its pilot-fish losers like you will eventually be outted.

Franklin Foer should go because of this Steven Glass follow-up. Someone called the Beauchamp folderol "pre-traumatic stress disorder," and it went right into Foer's left-wing frontal-lobe circuitry without a single limbic fact-check. TNR rivals the New Yorker for its witless commentary & lack of fact-checking. Serial hack Hendrick Hertzberg mis-spelled "Saudia Arabia[sic]" and got away with it in TNY. Hertzberg e-mailed me to dispute an earlier factual mis-statement of his in TNY, then did the "Saudia Arabia" dodo-move.

Not in itself a big deal, but symbolic of how the Kool-Ade drinking nutroots like this Beutler dude simply get it wrong as an entitlement of their Bolshevik heritage.


Yes, the U.S. military and The Weekly Standard: two of the most credible sources on earth...

Confederate Yankee

Nice cherry-picking. Col Steven Boylan said flat out that the claims made by Beauchamp were false.

And as there was not "offical" statement released by the military (they in fact said there would not be an offical release), I'd like to know where you grabbed that from.

what a douchebag

I heard from an anonymous sources that Johnny Yank was arrested for solicitation of minors (boys and girls) and subsequently left the state of New York. There was no an "official" statement released by the state police.


One anonymous source.


"the only erroneous reporting"

What, so now the woman with the disfigured face WAS in Iraq?

I think Foer gave away the game with that one. It's hard not to look at that "oversight" as a lie. If he made up that part, it's not unreasonable to expect he would have made up more.

Col Bat Guano

It's hard not to look at that "oversight" as a lie.

True, if you're dishonest hack with an agenda.

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