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August 09, 2007



This whole torture thing is so sick and ugly that I try not to keep it in mind for more than bursts. We are throwing out hundreds of years of jurisprudence and humane protection of the rule of law because torture can't be reconciled with our heritage - nor with any sane evaluation of its (in)effectiveness

Protect torture first, has become our motto. Put that above the doorway to the DoJ and SCOTUS and be proud of what Bush and Cheney have done to our republic.

I'm ready for some war crimes trials of US officials ala Neurenberg: Bush, Cheney, Gonzales, Elliot Richardson, Cambone, Rumsfeld, Feith, Hadley, Rice, Powell, assorted General Officers, et. al.

We need an acid bath of the stinks and stains that this administration has put on our body politic.

James Francis

"Rekindling Humanity" - by James Scott Francis, Australia

I’m beginning to comprehend some of the reasons for Hitler’s astounding success,” wrote American journalist William L. Shirer from Berlin in September 1934. “All the talk here has been of peace,” wrote The New York Times reporter as early as 1933, “yet the atmosphere has been far from peace loving.”

As history teaches us, the sole and sinew of the Nazi system was the inevitable result of the ideal of Aryan supremacy, which provided the heart-beat of the Nazi ideology that ultimately led to Nazi racism and to an outrageous, inhuman holocaust unparalleled in human history.

Hand in hand with the destruction of the Jews went the ruthless exploitation of both the human and material resources of subjugated lands. For the profit of the German Reich, material resources were shipped to the homeland, while untold millions were forced into slave labour. None of it of course could have transpired without the German Army, commanded personally by Hitler.

During his lifetime, Adolf Hitler spoke before audiences totaling an estimated 35 million people. He frequently used his hands, gracefully to help weave his spell of deception on the international community and the German domestic population. In July 1940 he made this remark:

“In the middle of the tremendous struggle for freedom and the future of the German nation,” he began, “I have called you into session to give our own people insight into the unique historic events that we have experienced, and to thank our well-deserving soldiers.”

Hitler radiated power and inspired fear. Thus, by the extraordinary power of his personality, he stood as the sole repository and dispenser of power in Nazi Germany.

The World cannot afford another global conflict; not because of the latent possibility of the destruction of billions of lives, if not life generally on this planet, but for practical reasons which go to the very heart of the continuing existence of the human species and contemporary human civilization.

We are standing at the precipice of World War III, given current geopolitical events in my opinion. Nation states across the planet are preparing for this eventuality, evidenced by the heavy investment (if you could call it that) in military hardware, inter alia.

We are relentlessly consuming irreplaceable finite resources on a global scale in furtherance of our misguided pursuits. Our actions are based, I would argue, on historical considerations, driven by an outdated ideology and collective thinking system which is no longer relevant to contemporary human existence. I note Albert Einstein said: “The world needs a new system of thinking.” Isn’t it time we consider ourselves as a species, then step-back and consider an alternative direction before dominant nation states consume this planet’s resources in their relentless pursuit of profit and individual material gain.

I dare to see a future where humanity works together as a species, (1) to ensure the survival of the human species on this planet, and life generally, and (2) elsewhere! I see a future where energy will be the tool which humanity uses to escape this planet. If these things are to come to pass, Humanity must stop relentlessly consuming the endowment of humanity in the reckless manner nation states, and individuals currently are.

Humanity must take whatever action is necessary to avoid another global confrontation. I am unreservedly of this opinion and belief. Frankly, I think it is absurd nation states continue to war against each other. Isn’t it high time world leader’s start behaving in a manner that ensures the survival of the human species? It is for this reason that I have proposed the abolition of the nation state system, and the establishment of a liberal democratic global parliament, underpinned by a body of law which respects human dignity above anything else.

I am personally of the opinion a global parliament should be created having due regard to the Westminster system of governance (which is a common law system). I am compelled to point out that I acknowledge without reservation this is a matter ultimately for others not me. Yet, imagine a global parliament drawing on a library of human cultural heritage, derived from learned decisions of legal bodies across the planet … Frankly, the prospect excites me.

It is now abundantly clear, given the plethora of available evidence in the public arena many nation states have acted lawlessly, covertly and abominably under the shield of state secrecy. This conduct constitutes an observable trend globally to subvert the rule of law, the suppression of human dignity, human achievement thus far, and threatens the very existence of humanity and the continuation of human civilization.

How can we protect ourselves form our own stupidity. Well the answer is quite simple in my opinion: respect human dignity - this doesn’t mean that we must necessarily like each other; however, I hold the belief in time this can change.

I spoke earlier of the principle proposed by William Catton, or ''‘scope expansion’''. I reiterate those remarks here and say scope expansion is an inevitable outcome, as a matter of necessity, given the finite resources of this planet.

Finally, I contend myself with the following thoughts: When the first link of the chain is forged, the first speech censured, the first thought forbidden, the first freedom denied, such conduct chains us all irrevocably. The first time any man’s freedom is trodden on we are all damaged.

James Scott Francis

Geopolitical Analyst (Francis-Liebelt & Co., Australia)

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