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August 09, 2007



Colin Powell is a hard one to understand. I don't expect he's going to 'tell all', but I can't explain why I believe that. I came to the conclusion some time ago that the idol worshop directed at him was misplaced as he's just a general that got along by going along, impressive as his manner was.

Contrast his caution as Chair of the Joint Chiefs - fully upholding the post-Vietnam view in the military that forces should be deployed under strict criteria that ensured success with his silence as Bush/Cheney undercut essentially all of his now-not-so-famous Powell Doctrine.


a lot of people in the country want--or even expect--Colin Powell to break his silence and restore at least in part his once legendary prestige.

More precisely, they want him to come clean and show that, despite his UN speech, he remotely merits said prestige. People thought Colin Powell was a good guy and they want to have been right.


Powell = Othello minus passion.

But he'll die before he talks.

One way or the other.

It might be 'an unfortunate accident'.


Well said, Mr SDM.


Also well said, Ms. Joan.

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