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August 17, 2007



Why do I feel like Afghanistan is the ignored middle child of the GWOT?

The thought that "we're fighting them there so we don't have to fight them here" is somewhat valid - that's why the US invaded Afghanistan, to topple the Taliban and disrupt Al-Qaeda's operations.

HOW ON EARTH DOES THIS APPLY TO IRAQ? [banging head against wall]


Cheney: They believed if they killed enough Americans, they could change our policy because they did on a number of occasions."

Well, there was some truth to this prior to 9/11. And after 9/11 we did change our policy - we invaded a country (Iraq) that had nothing to do with 9/11, and overthrew the Taliban government of Afghanistan, but starved it of attention and sufficient forces and resources to build a lasting barrier to radical islamism - leading to the current condition where essentially the Taliban are a major threat to the government.

If al Queda's intent was to cause a significant weakening of US capabilities across the region and inflame the large majority of Moslems against the US, they have succeeded well beyond what they could have expected to happen.

The small hits to the US reputation from withdrawal from Lebanon, lack of reaction to Kobar Towers in Saudi Arabia, withdrawal of US forces from Saudi Arabia, withdrawal from the chaos of Somalia, etc. are overwhelmed by the dramatic inability of the US to achieve its aims in Iraq and Afghanistan.

And yet, Cheney et.al. can't see what their policies have actually brought about. If we had vision problems before 9/11, we are now totally blind.

Seven Star Hand


Want to understand just how deceptive and duplicitous Cheney and crew really are? Read the following link to understand that they were saying one thing publicly, while actively planning both 9/11 and the Iraq war ( PNAC, etc.). Follow the links in the article and be prepared to have your head spin...



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