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August 15, 2007



I'm not convinced, at all, that 'modernism' is being rebelled at except by a very small minority, in Islamic nations or in traditional societies. Where are the facts?

Education, communications openness, urban settings, economic uplift, international trade and the influence of local, regional and world celebrities are far more obvious as influencers of attitudes and practices.

Behold: the blue jeans, tee shirts and tennis shoes. The great levelers of mankind. Music, arts, tv, cinema, cell phones, personal computers are not being resisted by the masses. Even MacDonalds [hehe].

People don't like being 'third classed' by outsiders and their destiny determined by people who consider them some kind of barbarians. It's realy simple. Maybe too simple. Reference the 'cave men' in the GEICO ads being counseled by psychologists.

All these wars, genocides, pogroms, and cultural hate for fu*king oil, gold, 'dominance' and power. I'm getting more and more isolationist day by day since we as a nation have lost our collective fu*king minds through fear tactics by psychotic figures in the public arena.


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