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August 04, 2007


abject funk

I posted about this at MY's site.

It is pathetic that both of you find it necessary to tout your access to an "off the record" briefing without offering any substance.

If you go, fine, but don't expect me to be impressed with the fact that you will report being there, but not what was said.

Reeks of small dickedness in too many ways.


Ya, I kissed Hillary's butt, but the details can't be told......hahahaha

Vance Maverick

abject funk, you're way off base. I didn't get even a whiff of a boast from either of these postings. Simply regret that a chance was missed to make some progress for the cause.


Jeez, get the fuck over it. Your responses to this post is quite dickish. You do understand "off-the-record" right?


The criticisms are justified. Unless I can verify myself whether Obama was compelling, I don't see the value of this post. The implicit assumption is that I'm supposed to take Brian's word for it, which I won't do. Antithetical to the spirit of blogging.


I've never been to this site before, and don't know the bloggers's leanings, but I agree that this post is worthless.
Since I'm so unimpressed with Obama's public statements, its hard for me to give him any credit for being better in private, without any evidence.



Mark F.

What a stupid post. It tells us nothing.


What was it about Obama's off-the-record presentation that bowled you over, content vs. charisma-wise? As you get older, you begin to recognize the ego that rests just beneath the surface of charisma, in almost all cases. But not all.


yeah, we understand "off the record"... and we don't much care for it.


Look at me. I am cool. I am cooler than you. I was invited to a secret meeting with an important person. You aren't cool enough to merit a similar invitation. My coolness was ratified by the invitation. Your loserhood was re-affirmed by the fact that you weren't invited. I can't tell you what happened, because that would give you access to the supersecret information that makes me cool, and you not cool. I am a star-bellied sneetch and you are a sneetch who doesn't have a star on his belly.

or something.


and then I missed my flight.


This post seemed to be an addendum to the previous one. It was of interest because it noted that Obama held an "off the record" meeting with a group of the press, which I think is a bad reflection on Obama and sounds disingenuous of him. Also, the posting balances the previous report. Might help to know that Beutler is not an Obama partisan or apologist, at least based on postings over the last couple of months. So while "More Obama" was not headline news, it was worthwhile as a footnote and I do not regret the 8 seconds it took me to read it. Some of the comments seemed rather vitriolic, although I thought the Sneetches remark was FUNNY.

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