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August 15, 2007



When I read Atrios' comment earlier, I understood him to be complaining about the DoD announcement (the 'they')

when they tell you something and are unable to back it up there's a reasonable chance it's not true. Still, that doesn't stop all of the Very Serious People from passing on the press release gospel.

Atrios wasn't, in my reading, praising or damning McClachy (although I think he'd praise them - as he has before), but talking about all the other media that will run with just the DoD storyline.

As for McClatchy's DC bureau (where all the good reporting seems to come from), they primarily serve city newspapers outside the DC area which don't often get picked up by the wires. They don't try (or aren't effective) competing with the main national media.

The McClatchy folks are missing a good biz opportunity though. They could produce a first-rate news website (with a catching name and slogan) oriented to attract more DC/NYC/nationwide readers by becoming known as the real fair and balanced journalists - which they usually are, far more than than WaPo, NYT, WashTimes, AP, etc.

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