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August 15, 2007



A purge of the Bushies is more than justified. The hard parts are the 'civil servants' that have been snuck in by the Bush/Cheney/Rove political appointees. The cure for that is reassignment to harmless duty in awful places, not termination (except for cause) - which would be illegal. Alaska is great in the winter, and Guam is great year round. Or, just make them do what's required by really really close supervision until they get insubordinate.

In the independent agencies, most of them are split by law between the two parties, with the presidential party getting to choose the majority side - 3 to 2 or 5 to 4.

One thing the Congress can do is mandate a reduction of the number of political appointees in the EOP and cabinet agencies. There are too damn many asst, deputy, duputy asst, associate duputies, etc. The Brits have a better take on this, where the professional civil service goes higher up the management chain.

But some degree of ruthlessness is going to be required, including in the upper ranks of the military which have been Rumsfeldized substantially.

Example: William Jefferson Clinton was punked by the upper strata of the military services on non-descriminatory service by gays and lesbians. He should have fired or transferred some general officer asses until the message was received. Harry Truman showed the way on african-american service in the military - he told them to just do it (or get out of the way)!


Jim is as usual, on the right track. The legality of firing the bushies is irrelevant. Politically it just doesn't make much sense to do it when there are so many easy ways to get rid of them (in spite of what people will tell you about the difficulty of getting rid of civil servants).

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