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August 14, 2007


mullah cimoc

mullah cimoc say aemriki so pervsion english language from neocon spies in white house
and pentagon. "Terrorist" just really mean anyone who oppose him israeli.

this just proving him masters in tel aviv control usa policy. for this amriki so punish.
already him wife the lesbian who hate all man and not cook the food, the
daughter she take the LBT (low back tattoo) and be slut for every man. and
son of ameriki the gay homoseuxal. all this to punish for loving the torture and the cruel.

all him land go back to maya and aztec and he extinction for killing so
many the baby of abortion kill. also, the ameirki woman hate the baby and
want the meth and sex pill for man. this the so ashame for ameriki.

and white man so feminize just liking the beuaitful hair and fingernail and never breed the woman
for happy family and the grand child.

now geo. washington and benjamin frankling be so sick in stomach if see usa media so control
and not the free press now.

google: mighty wurlitzer +cia for understand begin lesson of how ameriki
mind so control. then to read inside the company, a cia diary by phillip agee.


If a significant part of the Iranian Army isn't an 'army' (but are terrorists, by Bush/Cheney 'logic') then Bush/Cheney can attack them as an extension of the Iraq AUMF or the more general 'WOT'. Thus, Congress need not be involved - just Bush and the boys. Our Unitary Executive is going to be fully unitary.

Funny how Saddam Hussein thought Iran's Revolutionary Guard Corp was an army when they counter-attacked his troops and drove the Iraqi army out of Iran - using sticks and old weapons in the hands of teenage boys. And I believe it was Saddam who was licking his wounds when the attacks occured.

My last forecast of the probability of US war with Iran was 75%. I'm now raising the forecast to 87.5%.

Let's look ahead: When the Iranian Guard and their Iraqi Shia allies cut our links to Basra and Kuwait via highway in retaliation (or pre-emption, even - what's good for the goose may be good for the gander), we may find that only a US nuclear 'solution' is able to prevent the eradication of the US Army and Marines in Iraq through lack of food, water, fuel, and weapons.

It's going to be a bumpy ride.


How are you supposed to force Jebus to come back if you don't attack everybody you can in the middle east? Besides, the fundigelicals warn us that the antichrist will be a peacemaker. Bush wants to prove it ain't him.

Blue Girl

Unbelievable. The scope of the hubris is maddening. We don't have 500+ days to wait this chump out. He makes Caligula look sane - and that guy made his horse a senator!

who knew

the Largest Terrorist Group on the planet is the usa government / military / defense complex / corporations bar none.

the rest of the planet had better get its act together otherwise they will be next ( at least the countries sitting on top of significant amounts of Oil ).

and as long as the amerikan sheeple get their nascar and amerikan idol, they don't give a good yahoo if the above Terrorist Group kills EVERYBODY .....

attytood sez

A prelude to war: What's really behind Bush's Iran move


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